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Handmade Coffee Mugs

Rainforest Jasper is a beautiful crystalline glaze, showing crystal growth in the matrix of the fired glaze. It resembles the green form of Rhyolite that is found in Western Australia.

The bottom of these mugs is made up of a pastel green glaze resembling the green forests and areas around our planet. The top of this cup then moves into peachy pastel circles of Crystalline Glaze.

The hug mug is a handful of pure comfort, with its rounded belly designed to fit snugly in palms. Let your morning (or evening, we don't judge!) coffee or tea warm the clay as you sip slowly from one of two sizes (8oz or 16oz). These ceramic mugs are also ideal for filling with aesthetic iced lattes and other insta-worthy cold drinks. 

Pottery For The Planet value each piece being handmade over complete uniformity and as such there are always slight variations in size, colour and markings. This means your mug is unique and that the below specifications are approximate.

Small Belly Mug: height 8-9 cm, volume 230ml, weight 190-230g
Large Belly Mug: height 11-12 cm, volume 480ml, weight 270-310g

Each mug is made with ceramic and must be handled with care. Pottery For The Planet high-fire all their mugs for added durability, but all pottery will crack if knocked or dropped.

Each ceramic coffee mug is one of a kind, so while you will receive a mug similar to those pictured, no two are the same. Pottery For The Planet believe the slight variations in size, colour, and markings are what make them unique and will turn your Pottery For The Planet purchase into your new favourite mug. 

Pottery For The Planet's handmade coffee mugs and travel cups are designed and crafted in their Noosa and Margaret River studios, with a small selection of glazes handcrafted by their small family studio partners in Vietnam. The coloured glazes are inspired by Australian landscapes and coastlines, paying homage to earthy ochres and beachy blues. Each is a celebration of craftsman/womanship, the natural world, and, of course, your favourite beverage. 

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