Lily & Langford is a physical boutique and online store for under 5’s and mothers that I own and operate while also raising my two sons (3yrs and 1yr old). After becoming a mother a few years ago, I was surprised at how hard it was to find premium quality clothing, toys and children’s essentials in Christchurch. Surely there should be more options in the South Island’s largest city! With two boys, items in our household get a good work out so I wanted products that would last, looked beautiful in our home and were ethically made. That got me started on the journey that is now Lily & Langford. We only sell products that we believe in and source from many local and New Zealand businesses. We also have a lovely curated range of products from around the world, but these brands share our high standards for quality, ethical and sustainable practices and a classic and stylish aesthetic.  

Unity x


What’s in a name?

Lily & Langford was named after both of my grandmothers. One lived far away, but was a lovely and gentle soul. From the few memories I have of Grandma Lil, I remember big family Christmas’ celebrations and visiting her little cottage with flowers in the front garden and fresh scones in the oven - as a young child she reminded me of a grandmother in a fairytale! 

My other grandmother, F. Langford Chan, was the most special person in my life growing up. Many of my earliest and happiest memories were of holidays spent with her. Being read bedtime stories, picking lychees from her trees and devouring bucketsful together, going to the beach collecting shells, doing arts and crafts, watching her sew little clothing sets for my dolls and running to her bedroom in the mornings and being allowed to look through all her beautiful jewellery boxes and perfumes on her vanity. It was on one of these mornings when I was around four that I told her she was my best friend and she truly was that and more. In primary school I went to live with her and she raised me for the remainder of my childhood and into college. My grandmother loved books, art and beautiful items and she instilled the importance of quality clothing and products that stand the test of time and at Lily & Langford we share these values.