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Mama + Me Afterbirth Contractions / Menstrual Cramps | Botanical Wheat Bag Sets


Labour & Afterbirth Contractions / Menstrual Cramps - Dusky Pink Polka Dot

Each blend has been designed to be suitable for pregnancy and beyond. 

BOTANICAL WHEAT BAGS: Our botanical wheat bags are perfect to use for pregnancy discomforts, labour support, postpartum recovery and general day today use. The combination of heat & essential oils are perfect for helping soothe & restore new and expectant mothers. They have been designed to be artistic to the eye making them perfect for gifting.

DIRECTIONS: Heat the wheat bag (without the scented mini bag in the pocket) in the microwave for approximately 3min at 650w or 2.5min at 700w (make sure the microwave plate is clean and dry). When heated, add the scented wheatbag into the pocket. If scent fades in muslin bag overtime, simply add a few extra drops of the oil blend.  Dilution rate not suitable for skin application during pregnancy and postpartum, only apply to bag during this time. Do not wash in washing machine; sponge clean with warm water and mild detergent.

Afterbirth Contractions/ menstrual cramps: Essential oil blend of LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA (LAVENDER), SALVIA SCLAREA (CLARY SAGE) + ANTHEMIS NOBILIS (ROMAN CHAMOMILE) DILUTED IN COCONUT oil. For extra support with menstrual cramps you can apply to skin by massaging the oil blend into abdomen. Only apply to bag for afterbirth cramps - dilution rate not suitable for skin application during pregnancy and postpartum.

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